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Serbia: cooperation between the Center for Social Work and TOC as an example of good practice for providing ART

TOC (Association for sustainable communities development) in cooperation with the Center for Social Work from Zaječar in the previous period worked on solving the problem of treating an HIV positive patient, a beneficiary of this Center. 

At the invitation of the Center for Social Work, a meeting of this institution and the TOC team was held on the topic of solving the problems of their beneficiary. On that occasion, it was explained by the representative of the Center for Social Work that they had a beneficiary who had attempted suicide and that during treatment and rehabilitation of injuries in the hospital, this beneficiary found out his HIV status. Given that the health institutions tried to provide only basic help to the patient and then let him go to home treatment, the Center for Social Work contacted the TOC team with the idea that this user should first receive adequate HIV therapy and then appropriate housing. In cooperation with the Infectious Disease Clinic of the Clinical Center Kragujevac and the Health Center Zaječar, this person was prescribed adequate therapy and the treatment process began. Before the therapy itself, in cooperation with the Center for Social Work and the doctors of the infectious department of the Health Center Zaječar, the TOC team conducted a voluntary confidential counseling service, during which a conversation was held with the clientabout the importance of applying antiretroviral therapy for HIV.

After medical care, the Center for Social Work worked to provide adequate accommodation for this beneficiary, given that he has no family and would remain on the streets after recovering in the hospital. He is currently in the gerontological center in Niš, where he will be provided with all necessary care. The TOC team worked to provide adequate and necessary HIV therapy, which the beneficiary regularly receives under medical supervision. Through regular communication with the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the University Clinical Center Niš, on whose territory the beneficiary is currently located, TOC works on the continuous procurement of antiretroviral drugs for HIV necessary for the beneficiary’s further treatment. The Center for Social Work has recognized TOC as a safe partner that can be turned to to adequately help its beneficiary, and in connection with the treatment of HIV infection.

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