Response stories

Rights protection of the sex-worker

Iryna, a sex worker, told a REAct documentator that the police were constantly harassing her on the highway, blackmailing and threatening her. The woman had to regularly pay them money to continue working and be under protection and not get into the police office every time.

Every such meeting ends with stress for Iryna. The last time the policeman, whom she had not seen before, behaved rudely, insulted, and humiliated her. When, after regular payment, the woman tried to send him away, arguing that his behavior scares away her clients, the policeman grabbed Iryna, twisted her arms, bent over the car bonnet, and simulated sexual intercourse. At the same time, he shouted in her ear that she was “done” and what he would do to her.

Iryna is afraid to complain about them to the police as she understands that they can detain her because of taking drugs.

After hearing that, the documentator, Olena, suggested that she would meet a psychologist and a lawyer. The psychologist provided the woman with the necessary support, helped her to work through profound emotional experiences, and told her about tools to deal with panic attacks and stressful conditions. Later, the client agreed to several additional meetings to level her psycho-emotional state.

The lawyer, in turn, advised Iryna about her rights and their protection in case of violation. She explained the procedure for filing a complaint, the possibility of compensation for damages, and choosing the best course of action. The client was offered practical assistance when filing complaints and claims against offenders.

Together with the lawyer and REAct coordinator in the Rivne region, they visited the head of the Regional Patrol Police Department, where they reported extortion of funds. The victim’s name was not disclosed, and the conversation occurred verbally without submitting a claim, as Iryna was the only thing agreed to. In turn, the head of the Department promised to conduct an internal investigation and deal with the problem.

Currently, Iryna is no longer in contact with the police and is completely satisfied with the assistance provided to her.