The program is being implemented by Struggle Against AIDS (SAAPU), which is the leader of a consortium consisting of Clean World (CW) PU, an organization that works with female sex workers, and Gender and Development (GM) PU within the framework of the #SoS_project “Sustainability of Services for Key Populations in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.” The start of documentation began in 2023.

However, ECOM has been using the REAct system to monitor human rights violations in Azerbaijan since 2022. Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity is an international non-governmental association whose mission is to support the development of national LGBT communities and their activism, promote human rights, and protect the health and social well-being of gender- and sexually-diverse people.

Alliance for Public Health provides technical support for maintaining the database, analyzing the collected information and forming strategic goals for advocacy.

A REActor in Azerbaijan is a community representative, an NGO employee who, in addition to providing services and outreach work, is a “street lawyer” and documents cases of rights violations when community members file complaints with him. The REActor can advise, provide psychological support and provide primary legal advice, help with the preparation of primary documentation for solving the case.