Celebrating diversity and resilience: NGO National Trans Coalition (Armenia) marks World Tolerance Day and Anniversary

On November 16, World Tolerance Day is commemorated globally, a day that holds special significance for the National Trans Coalition Human Rights NGO (NTC) as it coincides with the organization’s anniversary. Under the theme “Celebrate diversity!”, this year’s event convened approximately 200 representatives from state institutions, diplomatic missions, international and local organizations, communities, and various stakeholders.

The commemoration began with welcoming speeches and congratulatory notes, followed by the NTC team presenting the organization’s accomplishments over the past year. They shared the annual report, highlighting statistics on human rights violations, instances of stigma and discrimination, as well as cases of violence stemming from intolerance. After the formal segment of the event, participants engaged in treatment sessions, free-flowing conversations, and discussions.

The primary focus of NTC remains the eradication of intolerance directed towards trans*, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals in Armenia. As the organization celebrates another year of resilience, unity, and solidarity, they take a moment to reflect on those lost, acknowledging their strength in the face of adversity. A firm commitment is made to combat transphobia, aspiring to contribute to the creation of a better, safer, and more inclusive world for everyone.

Expressing gratitude for the journey thus far, the NTC remains steadfast in its dedication to the cause and a home for many.

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