About REAct

REAct (Rights – Evidence – Actions) is a tool  that was developed by Frontline AIDS for monitoring and response to human rights violations at community level.

The system is implemented by ICF “Alliance for Public Health” with a technical support of Frontline AIDS and financial support of  the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

REAct enables organizations to record cases of human rights violations among key populations and respond to human rights barriers in accessing HIV prevention and treatment, as well as health care services.

REAct Features

  • Person-oriented – person is the main entity, not a case – enables to record history of cases;
  • Online / offline / mobile;
  • Information is stored in the cloud – excludes data loss / theft or system hacking;
  • Wide opportunities for data analysis and visualization.

REAct online platform capabilities:

  • Registration of cases of human rights violations;
  • Provision of support and accompanying the client in response to individual cases of  human rights violations;
  • Provision of psychosocial, medical, legal and other services directly at the client’s point of contact, or by referral to other organizations;
  • Conduction of analysis of documented cases of human rights violations and linkage  with access to HIV and other health services;
  • Data use for planning and implementing interventions to protect human rights, prevent future cases;
  • Evidence base for planning and implementation of programs, policies and advocacy initiatives to counter HIV infection at the regional and national levels.