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Protecting medical confidentiality in Uzbekistan

The story of a client who faced illegal disclosure of his HIV status by his wife and mother-in-law during divorce proceedings. REActors assisted in restoring his reputation and preventing a breach of medical confidentiality.

There are situations in the world where privacy and health are subjected to illegal actions and unkind acts by loved ones. Oydin’s (name changed) story is one of fighting for his rights and defending his honor when his HIV status becomes the subject of discussion and disclosure during a divorce.

When the client contacted REActors, he found himself in a terrible situation. His wife and mother-in-law were actively spreading false information about him, including information about his HIV status. This was not only damaging to his honor but also represented a serious breach of medical confidentiality. It was important to urgently intervene and help the client restore his reputation and protect his rights.

The first step was to provide the client with psychological support as he needed help and understanding to cope with this difficult situation. The client was then counseled on the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV and what laws and regulations govern their rights and confidentiality.

The client was then referred to a legal specialist specializing in such cases. Together with the lawyer, a plan of action was developed. An explanatory conversation was held with the relatives who spread false information and told about his HIV status about possible administrative responsibility for disclosure of medical confidentiality. After that, their attacks with slander and dissemination of his HIV status stopped.

Oydin’s story is an example of how REActors help people fight for their rights and protect their honor, especially when faced with violations of medical confidentiality. The combined efforts of the client, psychologist, and lawyer enabled him to restore his reputation and prevent long-term damage to his life. This story is a reminder of the importance of protecting privacy and a person’s right to medical confidentiality.

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