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Fighting for one’s rights and the rights of others: the story of an attack on a trans woman in Armenia

One summer day in the life of Karine (name changed), an event occurred that was a testament to her courage. Karine, a trans woman, activist, and employee of the NGO New Generation, was working to provide HIV testing and counseling. However, she faced a challenge that she had to take on.

While doing her job, Karine was attacked by a stranger. The man, possibly after learning that Karine was a trans woman, began to insult her and interfere with her HIV prevention activities. Despite the aggression and threats, the NGO New Generation staff decided to keep their cool and leave the testing site.

However, at that moment the situation took an even more frightening turn. The attacker didn’t just stop at words. He attacked Karine, inflicting grievous bodily harm. The person being tested rushed away from the scene, leaving Karine alone. However, the client did not give up in the face of aggression. She immediately contacted the police, and law enforcement officials arrived at the scene. The attacker was detained and a criminal case was opened. It is unclear at this stage whether Karine and the attacker were acquaintances or whether it was a random attack.

Legal support for Karine is being provided by an NGO. With the participation of REActors, it was possible to record the crime and ensure the initiation of criminal proceedings. Thanks to the assistance of paralegals, Karine was sent for a forensic medical examination. The criminal case is currently under review.

The story serves as a reminder of the importance of human rights and the protection of those facing violence and discrimination. The client’s fearless behavior and determination raise an important point about the importance of continuing to fight for equal rights and justice. And that everyone can fight for their rights and the rights of others.

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