Response stories

Assistance in enrolling the REAct client`s son in school

Before the full-scale invasion, Marianna, a client of the OST program, lived with her son in the Kherson region. After the explosion of Kakhovskaya HPP, the family was forced to move to Odesa. The woman immediately applied for an IDP and found a part-time job fast.

Marianna’s son is eight years old. The boy has a speech delay and does not walk well. When the issue of enrolling in school arose, the woman heard only refusals in educational institutions. During a conversation with the director of one of the schools, Marianna explained that her son studied at a regular school in Kherson and covered the program perfectly. The boy has been unable to walk since birth, but all his mental abilities are at the level of an average child.

Despite all the pleas, the director did not agree to enroll the boy. Moreover, during the conversation, she emphasized that Marianna probably had been using drugs, which is why she had such a child. In addition, the director remarked that regarding the woman’s lifestyle, she would not have time to help her son at home. Moreover, the school does not want to take responsibility for the success of “such a child.” The official reason for the refusal was the client’s son’s disability and speech delay.

Marianna turned to a REAct documentator in despair. The specialist provided the woman with primary legal advice and psychological support. Later, it was decided to redirect the client to the partner NGO “PROJECTOR”, where she received secondary legal advice.

The lawyer has explained to Marianna that if the director refuses to provide a place for her child at school due to a disability, she should contact the education department, where she will be helped with the admission of the child to school. He determined the algorithm of the following actions. A few days later, the mother received a phone call from the school director with whom there was a conflict earlier. The woman apologized and invited Marianna to submit the necessary documents to start her studies. The child has been enrolled in school and studies at the same level as his peers.