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Progress in Addressing Discrimination and Promoting HIV Awareness in North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, significant strides have been made in addressing cases of discrimination and promoting HIV awareness. This update highlights some noteworthy developments in this regard.

Resolution of Discriminatory Practices

One notable case from the previous year involved the mandatory HIV testing of foreign students by a public university in the Republic of North Macedonia. The Association «Stronger Together» took proactive steps by submitting a petition to the Commission for Prevention of and Protection against Discrimination, citing violations of the Anti-Discrimination Law.  This case has been successfully resolved in a positive manner: the university responded by revising its discriminatory requirements for foreign students, ensuring fair and equal treatment.

Collaboration with the Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Further progress was achieved through collaboration. On June 6th, the Association «Stronger Together» conducted its inaugural workshop in partnership with the Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The workshop aimed to educate medical professionals about HIV prevention and patients’ rights. This initiative was made possible due to the positive resolution of a previous case and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between «Stronger Together» and the Clinic.

These developments signify North Macedonia’s commitment to combating discrimination and enhancing awareness about HIV within the country. Such collaborative efforts and the resolution of discriminatory cases serve as important steps towards a more inclusive and informed society.

As North Macedonia continues its journey towards promoting equality and public health, it is evident that positive changes are taking place, thanks to the collective efforts of organizations like the Association «Stronger Together» and their partners.

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