Response stories

Rights protection in the local administration

Nastya turned to the village council to obtain a residence registration certificate. The village council secretary looked contemptuously at the girl and advised her to get the certificate in Diya because she did not have time for such matters. The girl was confused and asked for help, but the secretary simply left the office.

Nastya started to search for how to generate the certificate and overheard from the corridor how the worker was loudly discussing with other workers. The words sounded like this: “What a shame”, “dissolute”, “What a shame to walk on earth”, and “pity for her mother”. The girl burst into tears but could still get the certificate from Diya. When the secretary returned, Nastya asked her to print it out as she needed it urgently. But she received the answer: “The printer does not work! Go and pay somewhere – you have money, but if you don’t – then you know how to earn it!” The humiliated girl left the village council and decided to turn to REActors, which she heard about from a SW friend.

The client received a psychologist’s consultation aimed at solving psychological problems and internal conflict, creating favorable conditions for positive changes and further personality development. In addition, the psychologist provided recommendations for dealing with traumatic stress and helped to stabilize Nastya’s need for the time of appeal.

An amicable lawyer advised the girl to file a complaint demanding to protect her legal citizen interests, which were violated by the secretary`s actions (inactions). The girl was also explained her rights and existing methods of their protection.

The REAct project coordinator and the documentator helped her compile a complaint about the village council secretary. The girl personally submitted it to the village head and also sent a letter to the official mailbox requesting to inform her about the response. The village council secretary called the girl with an apology the next day. Nastya was later told that the secretary was reprimanded.