Response stories

Disclosure of the patient’s HIV status

The REAct documentator was contacted by Natalia. The woman has had a positive HIV status for quite a long time. She is receiving the necessary treatment and has an undetectable viral load.

The client chose the family doctor for the conclusion of the declaration using the help of the “VONA” organization. When the war started, the doctor took in a new nurse, because the previous one had to go abroad. Unfortunately, as Natalia found out after, the new nurse was intolerant of representatives of vulnerable groups. Moreover, she was too aggressive in this matter.

As it turned out later, Natalia, after all, also lived with her in the same house. Therefore, when the woman began to see letters with threats and insults on her door about her diagnosis, she rightly blamed the new nurse who had access to such information. Later, the nurse personally admitted that she did not want to cooperate with HIV-infected people.

The REActor provided Natalia with contacts of lawyers from free primary legal aid who are familiar with the specifics of working with representatives of vulnerable groups. After that, the documentator helped the client in drawing up an application in the name of the head of the Primary Health Care Center. Later, the nurse was fired for being unfit for her position.