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Learning how to positively motivate ourselves

A person is so arranged that he cannot work in the same mode all the time: from time to time there is a decline in strength, and he gives up and does not want to do anything. At this moment, it is essential to cheer yourself up and motivate yourself in order to return to the formation.

Let’s talk about how to do it correctly and effectively.

1. Remember your strong qualities and sides.

Self-doubt and one’s abilities are frequent causes of loss of strength and reluctance to do something.

2. Remind yourself of your achievements and advantages.

Compliment yourself on the skills you have developed well and take action.

3. Do what you like (in the ecological sense).

When motivation is at zero, it’s difficult to just get up and start doing labor-intensive work, so to start cognitive processes, start with something simple: do the work that brings you pleasure.

These actions will improve your mood and help restore inspiration, as a result, you will have more energy to complete work tasks.

4. Celebrate very small victories.

This will help build positive skills. It is not necessary to buy a cake every time. It is enough to simply note that something good has happened.

5. Focus on solving the problem.

It is important to focus not on the problem itself, but rather on its solution. Consider all possible options.

6. Take care of your health.

Feeling bad is a great distraction from work and lowers productivity.

7. Engage in dancing, sports, and be outdoors more often.

8. Do what you love and with what you can earn money.

Success in any endeavor is based on a combination of passion and experience. But be careful. Not everything we like can bring real income, which sooner or later will lead to burnout.