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Violation of rights and lack of assistance: a case of discrimination in Moldova

Alisa (name changed) contacted the National REActors by phone, asking for help because she was feeling unwell due to substance use. After speaking with the girl, it was recommended to call an ambulance for medical services. On the advice of the REActors, her boyfriend called the paramedics. However, instead of providing prompt assistance, police officers arrived and started to draw up a protocol. As a result, Alisa was fined 1500 lei (85 USD). To her indignation and explanations about her inability to pay the fine, the police officers replied that they could have issued a fine of 5000 lei (284 dollars).

In this case, REActors filed a complaint with the Equality Council to establish discrimination. As a result, the situation was resolved in favor of the client, the fine was challenged and Alisa was exempted from paying it.

This case highlights the need to raise awareness of the rights of key groups and the importance of standing up for their rights regardless of pressure.

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