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The story of a pregnant girl fighting for her health in Ukraine

Hanna (name changed) went to a gynecologist at her place of residence because of pain in her lower abdomen. After an examination, she was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage in the short term. After all the necessary tests, it turned out that the girl was HIV positive. She was not informed about this in an incorrect form, and instead of support and measures to preserve her pregnancy, she was strongly advised to terminate the pregnancy. The doctor argued that the child would be born sick, with a positive HIV status and possibly with other developmental disabilities.

Hanna was shocked by the doctor’s reaction and left without registering for pregnancy. At home, she started bleeding from stress and was quickly taken to the hospital. There, after learning about her positive status, she was still provided with help, although they hinted that she was a “special” patient and it would be nice to “pay”.

By chance, the girl found the organization and asked for help. The REActor introduced her to a social worker who began to take care of her, and they discussed an action plan to meet her needs. The REActor very correctly and professionally advised the girl on all issues related to her positive status, and accompanied her to the infectious disease specialist of the city AIDS center, where she was registered and prescribed ART therapy without any problems.

In addition, Hanna was offered a consultation with the organization’s psychologist to stabilize her psychological state and legal advice. The client continues to receive psychological counseling to stabilize her condition. She did not want to write a complaint in order not to return to a state of stress. The girl often visits the organization, receives therapy, and tries to improve her personal life.

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