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Let’s stop discrimination: protecting children’s rights in kindergartens in Uzbekistan

Nowadays, the obligation to discuss and protect the rights of every individual, especially those who influence the future – children – comes to the forefront. Recently, Guli (name changed) turned to REActors for help, as her child was excluded from kindergarten due to the status of the mother.

Unfortunately, the child was a victim of stigmatization. Together with the client, an application and appeal to the prosecutor’s office was filed to protect the child’s rights and hold the kindergarten staff responsible for discrimination.

Thanks to legal support and active efforts in fighting for the rights of the child, the prosecutor’s office worked with the head of the kindergarten and the responsible employee involved in the disclosure of the mother’s status. The child was reinstated in his rights to education and the employee who violated the child’s rights was dismissed.

The incident was settled amicably, given the client’s desire to avoid publicity and scandal. It is important to note that the protection of children’s rights is one of the key principles of justice in society. Such cases of discrimination must be addressed and stopped promptly so that every child has equal opportunities for education and development.

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