Response stories

Organization of the military-medical commission

Ivan received a summons from the territorial center of recruitment and social support. The man was not conscripted, as he had HIV and a number of related diseases.

During a conversation at the Center, Ivan explained that although he is not against serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces, he is afraid that he will not be able to take care of his health to the necessary extent on the front line and, because of this, perform his military duties with dignity. His medical documents confirmed all this. However, the man was told that the war was going on and he had to defend the state.

The client turned to the REAct documentator in the Chernihiv region, who provided him with advice and explained that there is a list of diseases approved by the order of the Ministry of Defense, according to which there is a procedure for determining the fitness of citizens to carry out military service in peace- and wartime.

Also, the project documenter prepared a statement requesting that the client be referred to the military medical commission to determine the degree of his suitability for military service. The written statement contained a warning about criminal liability for disclosing information about HIV status.

In addition, the lawyers of the public organization “MART” provided the client with assistance and support in collecting documents and certificates necessary for the commission.

After the examination, Ivan was declared unfit for military service in wartime. He was issued an army card, where information about exclusion from registration was entered. Therefore, under any circumstances, he should not be called up for military service; in the future, he will be able to cross the border if he wants.