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Nurse disclosed client’s status

Disclosure of medical confidentiality is the disclosure of such information to at least one person (with the exception of the patient himself, his legal representatives or the medical staff involved in the treatment of this patient). It does not matter who they became known to: a friend, a colleague of the victim, or strangers.

While undergoing treatment in a specialized infectious diseases hospital, a client turned to the REACtor. During counseling, he told his story. Being at his place of residence, one day a patronage nurse asked him where the person lives and named the client’s full name. The man did not show that he knew who it was and that he lived there. Then he asked why the nurse was looking for a person. The woman replied that he hasAIDS and he needed to urgently come to the district clinic for a medical examination and a note from an infectious disease doctor.

After the client was consulted at the REActor on the prevention and treatment of HIV, as well as on the rights of PLHIV, in order to further resolve the problem of disclosing his status, he was referred to a lawyer for advice and step-by-step actions. Upon returning home, he turned to the head physician of the district clinic about the situation that had happened to him and this nurse. The head doctor asked for forgiveness for his employee, and the nurse herself repented and apologized for her misconduct. Since other outsiders were not witnesses to this event, the client forgave her, but with a warning that if such an action is repeated, he will demand proceedings and go to court.

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