Response stories

Dismissal due to criminal

Having gained the freedom after being in prison, a person usually comes out depressed. He seems to be happy, but does not understand what to do with his life now: where to live and work? Finding a job has always been a difficult task. And in the current circumstances, even more.

The client (a former prisoner) worked for the company as the director’s personal driver. After the director found out that the client was serving a sentence in prison for drug use, he asked him to write a letter of resignation on his own, because he did not want former prisoners working in his company, especially those serving sentences for drug use. Otherwise, if the client does not do it himself, the director will still find a reason for dismissal. The client was forced to quit.

The client was asked to write an application to the director. But the client refused, saying that if the director decided, he would still find a reason to fire him.