Response stories

The dentist of the district polyclinic refused to treat.

HIV-positive people constantly face discrimination: they are denied employment, they are not treated on an equal basis with other people, their status is disclosed to third parties, and they are not even allowed to visit camp sites. All this is completely illegal and should be challenged in higher instances or in court.

The PLHIV client is registered with the AIDS Center, married, has 2 children. He and his wife came to the district clinic of the city of XXX to the dentist because both spouses had problems with their teeth. After standing in line for 1 hour and getting an appointment with a doctor, they, as law-abiding citizens, informed the dentist that they had HIV infection. To which the dentist immediately categorically refused to perform dental manipulations. The client and his wife explained to him that they were taking ART and the risk of infection was minimal, but the doctor still refused.

Clients turned to the reactor to assist in this situation. The reactor, after consulting with the infectious disease doctor, called the infectious disease doctor at the family polyclinic of the city of XXX. The infectious disease specialist promised to solve this problem in the near future.

Clients called to thank the doctor and said that the problem was solved positively.