Response stories

Discrimination by medical professionals

Zhanna turned to the REAct documentator. The woman uses street drugs and sometimes alcohol. Recently, she had an unpleasant situation during an appointment with a gynecologist.

Zhanna’s health problems began before the war. In 2021, she was successfully treated by her doctor, but with the start of hostilities near Kyiv, the doctor was forced to evacuate to another city. According to the woman, she received a referral to another gynecologist, with whom she went for an appointment.

During the examination, as soon as the doctor saw traces of the injections, she immediately began to insult the patient in the presence of the nurse, calling her a “drug addict”, assuming that the patient is HIV-positive and already has AIDS. After that, the gynecologist kicked the patient out of the office and ordered her not to come again, because she does not treat “patients with AIDS”.

After the intervention of the REActor of the NGO “VONA”, a complaint was written to the management regarding the inadmissibility of such behavior of the doctor, disclosure of medical secrets, humiliating treatment of patients, insults, and non-provision of medical assistance. The complaint was considered, and the doctor was brought to disciplinary responsibility in the form of a reprimand with an obligation to undergo training to overcome stigma and discrimination.

Currently, Zhanna is being treated by a friendly gynecologist at the same medical facility.