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Justice and dignity: a story of a woman living with HIV in Uzbekistan standing up for her rights

This story happened to Madina (name changed), a young woman, 40 years old, a representative of the community of people living with HIV, working in a store. One of her colleagues, having learned about her positive HIV status, started spreading the information among all employees. Soon the store manager found out about it and decided to fire Madina without paying her money, claiming that she could have infected everyone during her work.

The woman sought help from a REActor who provided her with counseling, after which she decided to write a statement complaining about the unjustified dismissal. The REActor together with a police officer gave a preventive talk to the store manager and staff about people with HIV status. As a result, the management paid all the money due under the contract.

Madina decided not to return to her previous job and found a new one. This case shows the importance of determination in fighting for one’s rights and against discrimination.

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