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Illegal Detention: Rescue a Victim Immediately

Illegal is the detention committed in the absence of the listed grounds for its application or in violation of the procedural order (for example, without drawing up a protocol of detention). The corpus delicti is formal. The crime is considered completed from the moment of illegal detention.

Competent persons and citizens for their illegal or unjustified detention or abuse of authority during detention are subject to liability established by law. According to Article 234 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan, knowingly illegal detention can be punished with imprisonment of up to 1 year.

The clients of the REActors were detained in the evening in Tashkent, in the park of Babur. They walked, and later sat down on a bench. After some time, a representative of the Milliy Guard (the National Guard of the country) approached them and said that he had been watching them for a long time and, in his opinion, they were behaving very suspiciously. After that, he called three more employees of this unit. Then the clients began to be interrogated, threatened with insulting words that there are cameras everywhere and they recorded everything. That now the police will be called and the detainees will be handed over to them. The clients didn’t mind. Representatives of the internal organs arrived, they were taken to the district office. There, two representatives of the police organized an interrogation, photographed and fingerprinted, and released them three hours later.

Clients were consulted on human rights. They do not mind making a statement if law enforcement officers start calling them again on this issue. At the moment, contact with them is maintained.

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