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Insults and humiliation due to sexual orientation

Last year alone, 70 cases were registered in Uzbekistan, in which the victim is a man who has sex with man or is trans*. Tiberius project staff helped the REAct team to document cases of rights violations in the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, statistics show that in most cases, violators are extremely difficult to bring to justice, or they are not identified as such, as clients refuse to develop situations, fearing publicity and further discrimination.

The client (MSM) and his friend (sexual partner) lived together in a rented apartment. Neighbors, guessing about their relationship and their non-traditional orientation, at any opportunity insulted, humiliated and dishonored men, demanding that they immediately move out of the apartment, otherwise they would turn to the police, because they do not want to live in the same house and have their children communicate with “such” as they are. The client and his friend had no choice but to find another place of residence as soon as possible and move out, because the neighbors didn’t let them pass at all.

The client and his friend were asked to write a statement about the neighbors who insulted them. They refused, fearing publicity and persecution by law enforcement agencies. It was suggested to talk to the neighbors and explain about the responsibility for violation of human rights. But they also refused, preferring to move out of there as soon as possible and not get involved.

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