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Attempts to “knock out” a confession from an innocent man

Alas, the number of cases of abuse of power by state executive bodies still remains huge. Especially in relation to vulnerable groups of the population. These situations, in the main, go unpunished, due to the fact that clients fear for their lives and revenge from those who should… protect them.

The client (PWID, former prisoner) was at home when the criminal investigation officers came to him and, without explanation, he was taken in handcuffs to the district department of internal affairs. There he was beaten and asked about some kind of gold chain and money that he allegedly took from a neighbor. It turned out that last night someone attacked his neighbor in the street and took away all the money and the gold chain. Due to being a PWID client and ex-prisoner, he immediately fell under suspicion. The man was kept at the department for two days, periodically “knocking out” evidence from him, and then, without explaining anything, he was released. It turned out that he was lucky, because the real robber was caught.

The man was consulted on human rights issues and was asked to write a complaint against law enforcement officers for unlawful arrest and beating. However, he refused to consult with a professional lawyer and did not want to write a statement, because he does not trust and was afraid of persecution for drug use by the authorities.

*PWID – people, who inject drugs

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