Response stories

Helping a military man with HIV status

Victor is a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who hid his HIV-positive status before signing the contract and did not undergo the appropriate examination. Already being in the military unit, his well-being significantly worsened. The condition became so complicated that the man’s teeth began to fall out. Because he did not have constant access to ART, the old supplies ran out, and to get new drugs, he had to disclose his status in the department and explain why he needed to go to a specialized institution. Because of the fear of revealing his position, he did not say anything, and therefore could not leave the part on his own, and was left without the necessary treatment.

When Victor became completely sick, he still told everything and was brought to a medical institution in a few days accompanied by the head of the medical and sanitary department. According to the client, after opening the status, they started treating him very negatively, because of which he lost his psychological balance and started drinking alcohol. The attendant at the medical institution did not want to leave the doctor’s office when the appointment was taking place, saying that he knew everything and that he considered such a person dangerous for those around him, especially for the military.

On the same day, the client made an appointment for the next day to receive the medication, but he was not brought on the required day. He asked the REAct documentator for help in solving this situation. They did not want to take Victor to an outpatient clinic for the treatment of HIV-positive patients and did not provide the necessary therapy, which later resulted in constant obsessive thoughts about suicide.

With the support of the Project Coordinator, the documentator turned to the technical leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the medical unit, from there to the leadership of the unit where the client was, and the very next day he arrived at the medical facility and received medicine. Currently, the client is undergoing a military medical examination because he cannot continue serving in the army due to his health. In addition, a psychologist works remotely with the husband and solves the most critical issues.