Psychologist's advice Useful materials

How to help and calm yourself during war?

  • Painting.

If you have access to various anti-stress coloring pages, you can use them. If there are none, even drawing illegible doodles on a sheet of paper will help.

You can offer children (and yourself too!) the to draw their moods, condition, and fears. The child relieves stress and recovers during such drawing and verbal description of the picture. Therefore, encourage such activities.

The method of depicting one’s fears and emotions with speaking is quite effective in helping children and adults.

  • Listen to your favorite music wherever possible. Sing.

And if you can involve other people in this activity, you will get comfort and a feeling of cohesion and unity.

  • Take a break from consuming information.

Focus on a few sources that provide only official, verified information. Try not to read the news before bed.

  • Read fiction, poetry.

Many studies conducted in Western countries have proven that poetry has a highly positive effect on our psyche.

  • The “Breath of Life” method.

When you have an urgent need to calm down or relieve a panic attack, take a full breath in – hold your breath for three counts – a full breath out – hold your breath for three counts – repeat the exercise.