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Bad habit: treating anxiety with alcohol

You have probably often heard from yourself or your friends that one of the reasons for drinking alcohol is to reduce your own anxiety.

We often forget that alcohol is a pathological drug. It gives a ghostly illusion of moving a person to some imaginary world and changes his consciousness. And that’s why a person may not feel anxious when intoxicated. By the way, not only alcohol, other psychoactive substances have the same properties.

But after the intoxication ends, a person returns to the real world. And at this time, the level of her anxiety increases many times. Such “medical therapy” is harmful both physically and psychologically.

Anxiety disorders cannot be treated or prevented with any psychoactive substances. They do not treat, do not remove the cause of anxiety, do not solve the problem. Avoiding the problem, and shutting down is nothing but a solution to a difficult situation that causes concern.

These days, energy drinks, tonics, and low-alcohol drinks are trendy. Doses of alcohol, which they contain together with taurine, guarana, and most often with caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, unbalance the nervous system: they cause sleep disturbances, excitement, restlessness, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, nausea, and vomiting, short-term depression. Such consequences of using energy tonics are not a “treatment” of anxiety at all, but a direct stimulation of it. In combination with alcohol, energy drinks are dangerous, because they lead to body dehydration. Also, the consumer receives a subjective assessment of his physical capabilities, which does not correspond to reality. The same caffeine, for example, on the one hand, stimulates, and on the other hand – increases anxiety.

That is why any artificial changes in one’s emotional state will ultimately cause increased anxiety, addiction, and many other health problems.

Keep yourselves. Breathe fresh air to your full chest. Drink enough water and, if necessary, encourage yourself with small portions of coffee or chocolate. Do not forget that a good conversation with a specialist or just a friend is the best prevention and treatment of an anxiety disorder.