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Client Incident: Wrongful Disclosure of Medical Information in Uzbekistan

Confidentiality of medical information is a fundamental principle in health care. Physicians and medical staff have to protect patient confidentiality and prevent the disclosure of personal information. In this article, we will examine one case involving a client who experienced the wrongful disclosure of his medical status to his neighbors.

Case Description:

In this incident, the client lives with his wife in an apartment that is located in the same building as his parents. While they were away on vacation that same day in the evening, a neighbor who lives on the ground floor came and informed the client that they had been visited by the polyclinic for an annual medical examination because they were allegedly registered at an AIDS center. The shocked client and his wife immediately visited the central polyclinic of Yangi-Khaet district to find out the reason for such visits and the disclosure of their medical status to their neighbors. However, the nurse they contacted stated that she had not visited them and had not disclosed the information to the neighbors. Because of this misunderstanding, the client and his wife appealed to the management of the outpatient clinic to stop further disclosure of confidential information.

To resolve the incident, the client and his wife decided to contact their neighbors and find out who exactly had visited them in their absence. It turned out to be a nurse working with a general practitioner. After speaking with the nurse, the client and his spouse discussed the disclosure of medical status and possible consequences for the offender. The nurse promised that this situation would not happen again in the future. The nurse then went to the neighbors and explained that a mistake had been made and apologized for the inappropriate disclosure of confidential information.


The described case is a serious violation of the principles of confidentiality of medical information. Disclosure of medical status without the patient’s consent is unacceptable and can lead to negative consequences for the patient, including violation of their rights and trouble in the community. In this case, the client and his spouse were able to resolve the issue by having an explanatory conversation with the nurse and neighbors. However, incidents such as these emphasize the importance of respecting the principles of medical confidentiality and the need to take appropriate measures to prevent similar breaches in the future.

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