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Survival Story: How an organization helped a woman overcome her HIV diagnosis and start a new life

Article about how ISHONCH VA HAYOT helped a homeless woman suffering from HIV to start a new life, accept her diagnosis, and become self-sufficient through support, counseling, and material aid.

The client’s life situation was strikingly tragic. Two years ago, she knew of her HIV diagnosis and did not accept it. The woman was at a loss and did not know how to go on. Her mood was low because of the unpleasant situation with her partner. It seemed that life had ceased to have any meaning and she was ready to give up on therapy.

ISHONCH VA HAYOT approached this case with the utmost care, understanding that her primary concern was to help her client to accept her diagnosis and learn to live a full life. They made contact with the client and tried to convey truthful information about living with HIV and discuss her moods and her past.

The woman talked about her difficult childhood, in which her parents constantly consumed alcohol. She also shared how her father’s friend almost raped her when she was young. The orphanage was no better, but the client was fed, slept in a soft bed, and was not beaten or molested. The client tried to do well in school, and eventually, she met a guy who took her into his family, where they had children.

When the woman contacted to ISHONCH VA HAYOT, she was homeless – evicted from the room she shared with her roommate. The organization did everything possible to help her: helped to get a room in the dormitory and dealt with her benefits. They found her a job and helped her start her business selling cakes at the clinic. They also provided financial assistance and legal advice on how to proceed.

The client was able to recover and start a new life. She began taking therapy and understood the importance of continuing it. The woman started attending group classes for people with HIV where she found support and understanding, exercised regularly, and takes care of her health. In addition, she is actively running her own business and has a steady income.

ISHONCH VA HAYOT continues to support her client and help her to live a full life. She was helped to get a subsidy to repair the home she bought herself and to arrange a wedding with her partner.

Currently, the client continues to live an active lifestyle and lives happily with her family. She proved to be a strong and resilient woman who coped with her challenges and succeeded in life. The organization is proud to have helped her through a difficult time and become happy and successful.

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