3-Day Intensive: Country REActors Trained in Armenia

February 3-5, 2023, a training was held in Yerevan on documenting cases of violation of the rights of representatives of key populations, as a measure to counteract obstacles in the provision of HIV services. REActors of three national, public organizations of Armenia that are implementing the project in the country were invited to participate: New Generation, National Trans Coalition, and Eurasian Key Populations Coalition. The trainer of the event was Victoria Kalyniuk, Regional Coordinator of REAct.

Over the course of three days, the REActors had the opportunity not only to learn more about the work of the tool itself but were also involved in practical exercises on the definition of discrimination, the level of stigmatization, the analysis of the legal environment of the country and the study of the obligations of the state in protecting the rights of key groups.

“A significant part of the event was devoted to the practice of interviewing, to correctly document by REActors, first of all, sensitive topics. For example, about violence,” Victoria shares. “I also want to note that this training is different from the previous ones, as for the first time it presents a lecture on gender-based violence, its fixation, causes, and consequences. We have not done this before. I think this will be a good start for a series of similar professional training for REActors and other countries in the region where our project is being implemented.”

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