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VOICE: Regional Assessment Report “Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine”

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The global humanitarian community is failing to meet the needs of women and girls displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and adequately support women and girl-led organizations at the forefront of emergency response, according to a new seven-part regional assessment. VOICE in partnership with HIAS.

Reports were prepared by a 10-person VOICE assessment team that spent four weeks interacting with women’s rights organizations, frontline workers, local NGOs, government officials, representatives of United Nations agencies, and internally displaced persons and refugees in Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. VOICE also conducted virtual interviews with women’s rights groups and other local organizations in Ukraine.

The reports paint a vivid picture of the challenges faced by women and girls displaced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the need to ensure that women’s rights organizations and other local actors are integrated into responsive design and leadership from the outset.

Reports in Russian, English, and Ukrainian are available on the VOICE website.

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