Response stories

Refusal to provide free treatment

Andriy is a man who lost his son due to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. After that, he ended up in the department of neurology in the city where he was forced to move. Having lost his main income and being an IDP, the client was unable to pay medical bills, so he asked the hospital administration to find reserves for partially free care. For his request, he received only insults and humiliation. It was explained to the man that by receiving IDP address assistance from the state, he must pay the bills in full on his own. After such an insult, Andriy called the REActor.

The documentator listened to the man and asked him to send her photos of the prescriptions that he had to pay. It turned out that the hospital was provided with most of the drugs that needed to be purchased. Therefore, without wasting time, the documentator went to the chief doctor of the medical institution to have a face-to-face conversation.

After meeting with the doctor, the REActor provided comparative information from an official source on the remaining medication in the hospital with this man’s bills and emphasized that it is not worth taking advantage of a mountain of people in such a difficult time and recommended he to review his moral principles.

This case was taken under the personal supervision of the chief physician. A conversation was held with the medical staff regarding the violation of medical and ethical norms of behavior. The client was provided with free treatment, with the exception of some drugs that were given to him by volunteers.

Currently, the man is recovering and undergoing a course of rehabilitation psychological assistance due to the loss of a loved one.