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Violence against a sex worker in Armenia and her legal support

Lusine (name changed), 32 years old, faced severe violence from a client she encountered in the course of her professional activities in N city. Lusine moved to this city from a war zone, where she worked as a waitress and occasionally engaged in sex work. In her new residence, she faced more difficult conditions, which forced her to delve into sex work to provide for her basic needs, such as paying rent.

One day, after vaginal sex, a client insisted on oral sex, offering an additional fee. Lusine refused, leading to a conflict that later escalated into physical violence. The client beat the girl, and at the end inserted a used condom into her mouth before leaving the apartment.

Although Lusine is embarrassed to seek help, she has told close friends about the incident and is determined to seek support and justice. In her quest for legal protection, she has turned to the New Generation organization, where lawyers are working hard to provide her with the help and support she needs.

A New Generation lawyer is actively working on this case, trying to help the girl file a police report anonymously, given her desire for confidentiality.

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