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Alarming trends against the background of domestic violence: the story of Lana from Georgia

During 2023, national REActors in Georgia documented 13 cases of violence in which individuals were punished through courts or law enforcement agencies. One such story was the fate of 30-year-old Lana (name changed), a pregnant woman engaged in sex work.

Lana, living with her husband and mother-in-law, faced an unpleasant situation that dramatically changed her life. Four months pregnant, she was assaulted by her husband, who, blinded by jealousy and mistakenly believing that the child was not his, inflicted severe bodily harm on her.

Lana sought help from the REActor. With Lana’s consent, he called the police, and the husband, the perpetrator of the assault, was arrested. The pregnant woman herself, alas, required transfer to a clinic for medical care. 

This case is just one of many that emphasize the urgency of the problem of domestic violence and the importance of community solidarity in the fight against this phenomenon.

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