Response stories

Violation of the Rights of PWID / PLHIV to Accessing Social Services

The REActor was approached by a drug injecting man living with HIV who was involved in the OST program. The client asked for help in getting him re-registered with the local employment center.

During the interview, it turned out that due to the fact that once he was late for an appointment with a specialist of the Center because of delays on the OST delivery site on the day of receiving the drug, he got denial in continuation of services.

The following day, the client brought over to the center’s specialist an official note from the healthcare facility stating that he indeed was involved in the OST program and asking to confirm the reason for his being late. Although the man was trying hard to find a job as soon as possible while not losing his unemployment benefits, the staff member he approached still said no, saying that the man must regularly visit the OST site and will not be able to show up at the center on time.

The REActor and the client applied to the local free legal advice center and the man was given a consultation along with relevant explanations regarding his right to access social services. The legal professional agreed to visit the employment center with the man to explain to the specialist concerned the client’s rights and possible consequences of non-performance of official duties.

After the necessary steps were taken, the man was re-registered with the employment center without losing benefits and referred to a new job place.