Response stories

Dismissal From Work Due to HIV-Positive Status

Eduard is an HIV-positive man. He used to inject drugs and this addiction ruined his family. Recently he worked as a long-haul truck driver. He liked his job and earned a good living.

A short while ago, his employer learned about this man’s HIV status and his past history. Eduard was fired on the grounds that “there’s no such thing as a former drug addict,” even though he has not injected drugs for more than 10 years. Eduard was depressed and frustrated because he lost his only source of income. As a result, he had to get a new job and do hard manual work despite his health problems.

The Project’s REActor met Eduard on the doorstep of the Charitable Foundation and suggested they get this incident recorded and reported through the REAct system and take necessary steps in response to the rights violation against key populations vulnerable to HIV and TB. The man was provided with psychological and emotional support as well as legal advice regarding the disclosure of his HIV status. Currently, Eduard’s life is gradually returning to normal.