Response stories

Violation of the rights of an HIV-positive client with a disability

Inna is an HIV-positive woman with a disability due to damage to the musculoskeletal system. The woman was constantly subjected to psychological and physical violence by her husband. He repeatedly humiliated Inna, put garbage buckets on her head, insulted, pushed the client, and threatened physical violence.

After another such incident, Inna decided to contact the documentator REAct. The client provided psychological support and held a consultation to explain her rights.

Later, the documentator called the police patrol, which recorded the appeal of the citizen, and, with the consent of the client, conducted a preventive conversation with her husband. After that, the policemen forcibly asked him to leave the woman’s house, considering that he was not even registered there, and warned him that if he approaches or exerts any kind of blackmail or pressure on Inna, he will be arrested.