Response stories

Stigma due to HIV

    HIV-related stigma permeates all areas of life of people living with HIV. Stigma puts a stigma: these people are different, it’s a shame. Stigma manifests itself in discriminating, and sometimes violently rude attitude towards people living with HIV, their families and everyone else affected by the HIV epidemic

A PLHIV client came to his district polyclinic in District XXX for ART. There was a long line in the office of the infectious disease specialist. The client stood in the line. After waiting for a total of 30 minutes and seeing that the queue was not moving, he opened the door and made a remark that for half an hour they were accepting one patient, to what the nurse began to shout that he (the client) could wait. The client turned around and left.

The REActor and the client came to the head doctor with a complaint about the nurse. The head doctor called the nurse and reprimanded her warning that this would not happen again in the future.