Response stories

Domestic violence due to wife’s HIV status

Lisa found out about her HIV-positive status during registration at a women’s consultation. After revealing her status to her husband, he attacked her, took all ARV drugs, and began verbally abusing the woman.

Since Lisa had already met the REActor while receiving counseling about taking antiretroviral drugs to reduce the risk of HIV infection, the woman contacted the documentator again, but already about the situation that happened between her and her husband. After the application, the documentator called the client’s husband and offered to meet at the regional public health center. Eventually, he agreed.

The REActor together with the psychologist of the medical institution provided a full consultation about the disease and offered to undergo an examination. A rapid test showed a positive result in the man. The experts explained how important it is to take treatment and support each other. Three days later, the client called the documentator with big thanks. After the consultation and examination, the husband completely changed his attitude towards her.