Response stories

Support after experiencing violence

Hanna asked the REActor for help on the phone. The woman reported that a client beat her. The man stole her money and ran away. Considering that they were outside the city, Hanna couldn’t call a taxi, so she decided to call an ambulance. Yet the ambulance operator refused to send the car as he did not see the necessity to do that. Moreover, he recommended Hanna in the future “to think with her head and not get drunk, because with such a profession she can even lose her life.”

Hanna realized that in such a condition, with a face beaten and in blood, in the dark time of the day and without money, she had no chance of stopping a passing by car. Being desperate, she decided to turn to a REAct documentator.

The documentator, Olena, and the coordinator, Yulia, personally collected Hanna from the place of the event and delivered her to the nearest ambulance station, where they stayed with Hanna all the time and supported her. The client was given first aid: her wounds were treated, and the stitches were put on the open wound on the head. Hanna refused to report to the police. She was later taken home and made sure to be safe.

In two days, the client met with an amicable psychologist who provided Hanna with a psychological consultation on living through the violence and fighting post-traumatic stress. The psychologist helped identify the problem and voice the feelings. After the session, Hanna was also offered some more free meetings to stabilize her emotional state.