Response stories

A REActor in Tajikistan spoke out against violence and lynching

During an evening walk in the city of N, by a river, a crowd of four young men who were trying to drag a young girl into the water attracted attention. She cried out desperately for help but was powerless against their violence. Witnessing this offense was a REActor who could not remain indifferent to what was happening and decided to intervene to protect the girl.

He approached the boys and asked what was going on. They stated that they were trying to “punish” the girl for her previous behavior. The paralegal was threatened and warned that he too would be in trouble if he continued to intervene. However, the paralegal could not get past what was happening and decided to call the police, and specified that without immediate intervention of law enforcement, the consequences could be fatal. After that, he again actively confronted the guys, trying to explain to them that it is unacceptable to judge and punish anyone outside the law and that any conflict can be resolved peacefully.

But the offenders continued to insist that the girl was “disgracing” the neighborhood with her behavior. Finally, police officers arrived on the scene. The guys tried to escape punishment by throwing themselves into the river and swimming downstream. The REActor pulled the girl out of the water and the police officers began chasing the fugitives along the shore. While authorities were busy apprehending the boys, REActor talked to the girl to find out what had happened. She said that one of the attackers was her ex-boyfriend, who found out that she had provided services to a client for a fee and decided to retaliate out of jealousy.

The REActor and the girl filed a police report against her ex-boyfriend and all those involved in the attack. The detained young man pleaded guilty and revealed the names of the other participants. After that, a manhunt for them began.

This story was an example of a successful response to violence and vigilante justice in the neighborhood. The REActor’s decisive actions saved the girl and brought her justice. It became a symbol of intolerance to violence and showed that one person can change the course of events and protect those in need of help. This case also reaffirmed the importance of cooperating with the police and using legal means to bring offenders to justice.

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