Response stories

Assistance in the TB treatment resuming

Natalia is a pensioner who has a disability of the 2nd group. The woman has faced difficulties in the ambulatory stage in the local clinic during the tuberculosis treatment. In June, she was refused to receive the next portion of the anti-tuberculosis drugs, arguing that Natalia hadn`t undergone the intermediate diagnostics in the regional anti-tuberculosis dispensary located outside the city.

Unfortunately, the client did not have the financial means to do that, and because of her health condition, she could not realize this trip. Considering that the break in the treatment could have negatively affected the results of the fight against tuberculosis, the woman applied to the REAct project documentator. REAtor immediately contacted the medical worker who had refused Natalia and explained that the specialized transport that ran according to the schedule was possible to send the patient’s biomaterial to the dispensary laboratory.

Later, the documentator organized the sending of the necessary biomaterial, which made it possible to conduct the examination that supported the provision of anti-tuberculosis treatment. Thanks to the intervention of the documentator, Natalia’s treatment was resumed, and the woman was given all the necessary anti-tuberculosis drugs. With the help of REAct, the client received new hope for recovery and successfully overcoming this severe disease.