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Strength and сourage: fighting HIV discrimination in Uzbekistan

Solila (name changed), a 39-year-old woman, faced a serious problem at work because of her HIV-positive status. She worked in the kitchen, washing dishes in a small restaurant. One day at work, she had a conflict and a fight with one of her coworkers over spreading information about her HIV status.

After the incident, the management fired her. On REActor’s advice, the woman wrote a statement to the authorities. Initially, it was not accepted, but after the paralegal’s intervention, it was accepted.

Unfortunately, she could not be reinstated, as the owner of the establishment refused to take her back, explaining that other employees refused to work with her because of her HIV status. However the former colleague with whom the conflict occurred was fined and fired.

Despite all the difficulties, the woman found a new job and continues to live and work, overcoming discrimination and showing an example of resilience and courage.

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