Response stories

Seeking refuge during war

In connection with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Konstantin was forced to leave his own home and search for a safe place to stay. However, due to a rather long period of risky behavior, the client had problems with blood vessels and skin. Because of this, a large number of shelters refused to accommodate him, referring to his inappropriate appearance and stigmatization due to belonging to the category of vulnerable groups. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for Konstantin to find a place for a temporary stay.

The man decided to turn to the REActor for help. Immediately after the application, the specialists of the partner NGO provided support for the client to the shelter, which was created on the base of the Organization in the first months of the full-scale invasion. Taking into account the fact that the shelter workers also had the experience of participating in various social projects, the client had the opportunity to receive not only accommodation and three meals a day but also appropriate psycho-emotional support, consultation on emerging issues (medical, registration of various types of aid for IDPs), information about other projects, possible participation in them, as well as highly specialized help of a psychologist and a lawyer.

In addition, Konstantin received the necessary basic hygiene kit, which is provided to all newly arrived residents in order to ensure their comfortable stay and the opportunity to focus on restoring their place in society or solving health-related issues.

As a result of the assistance of specialists of the partner organization and the REActor, the client was not left without any means of livelihood and received all the necessary additional assistance.