Response stories

Refusal to provide medical services

Victoria, a drug-addicted woman with HIV status, turned to the local AIDS center with a request to recommend a gynecologist who would be able to examine her and provide advice on periodic pain. After going through a long procedure of getting a referral through a family doctor, the woman finally got an appointment with a gynecologist. However, as soon as the doctor heard about the woman’s status, she flatly refused to examine her and continue the consultation. In addition, the doctor began verbally insulting Victoria, insisted on isolating “such patients” and put the patient outside the door of the office with the words: “Go to your special facilities.” Victoria was shocked by this attitude. Devastated, she turned to the REActor.

After hearing that, the documentator immediately gave Victoria advice on protecting her rights and offered to write a complaint to the head doctor of the institution where medical services were denied. The woman agreed and, accompanied by a social worker, filed a complaint with the relevant medical institution. The chief doctor’s reaction was immediate: the doctors were reprimanded and had a corrective conversation to prevent similar cases in the future. After that, the doctor apologized to the victim, and the institution provided the necessary medical services with the help of another specialist. Today, Victoria is completely healthy and knows how to protect her rights in such situations.