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Results of the implementation of the REAct system in Ukraine (01.01-31.05.2023)

87% of resolved cases regarding the violation of the rights of key communities – the REAct project continues to work actively, despite the difficult conditions.

In the period January-May 2023, a total of 1,472 appeals from 1,410 clients were registered. Of these, 1,277 cases were fully resolved.

Most often, men (57.5%) and women (41.6%) face violations of rights, manifestations of stigma, and discrimination in Dnipropetrovsk (370 cases) and Cherkasy regions (235 cases).

The main violators of the rights of representatives of key communities traditionally remain the employees of state healthcare institutions (696 cases), the police (163 cases), and the provided state social services (96 cases).

The largest number of appeals were received regarding refusals to provide assistance or services (1,005 appeals), cases of emotional (747 appeals) and/or physical violence (312 appeals).

92% of services were provided by documentators at the place of the client’s request. Among them, are primary legal assistance/support (65%) and psychosocial assistance (34%).

See the infographic for brief statistics for the first five months of 2023.

Remember that every person has the right to receive quality services and decent treatment. If you or your loved ones have suffered a rights violation, contact REAct specialists for free help: