Launching REAct in Kazakhstan: Enhancing Legal Protection and Responding to Human Rights Violations

To improve the level of human rights protection in the country and to effectively respond to violations at the community level, in early 2023, Kazakhstan decided to implement the REAct project. This was made possible as a result of successful collaboration between ICF “Alliance for Public Health” and local partners in the field of civil society, human rights, and health. As part of this process, tools and resources were developed and adapted to fit the local context and the needs of key groups.

Since its launch in April 2023, the project has been actively implemented in three cities: Astana, Almaty, and Ust-Kamenogorsk, where the largest number of people living with HIV reside. At the moment, the project involves 7 people, including 2 REActors in each of these cities and 1 national coordinator.

Project focus and objectives:

The main focus of the REAct project in Kazakhstan is to respond to and prepare project clients to defend their rights. Each applicant is provided with counseling depending on the specifics of his/her case and readiness to defend his/her rights. Also, such services as writing complaints, applications to law enforcement agencies, collecting documents for filing a lawsuit in court, referral to professional lawyers, as well as mediation and mediation between the victim and perpetrators are provided.

Significance of REAct for Kazakhstan:

The launch of REAct in Kazakhstan opens new opportunities for community-based human rights advocacy and effective response to violations. The project provides legal support to clients and mobilizes the community to take active measures to protect and promote the rights of people living with HIV. The REAct project is expected to improve the quality of services and address areas of human rights concern in Kazakhstan.

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