Response stories

Combating stigma during a visit to a gynecologist

Ivanna turned to the medical center for a pregnancy test. During the examination, after reviewing the patient’s data in the system, the gynecologist rudely informed her that they would not register her in their institution, because the girl has a positive HIV status, which would endanger the health of other patients. After that, the doctor suggested that the patient voluntarily go quietly to another state institution, not as popular as their center. When Ivanna left the office, the doctor peeked out from the door and shouted to the registrar to let the HIV-infected woman write a statement about voluntary refusal of the services of their institution. This was heard by all the other patients who were in the corridor and were waiting for their turn. Extremely depressed after this situation, the client decided to call the REActor.

The documentator provided the contact details of a friendly obstetrician-gynecologist at the maternity hospital and made an appointment for Ivanna on the nearest date. In addition, the coordinator of the REAct project called the chief physician of the medical center where the situation occurred and sent a letter of complaint with a request to prevent similar problems and to promote a friendly atmosphere and communication with patients of various vulnerable groups in the future.

Later, Ivanna visited a friendly obstetrician-gynecologist, who kindly registered her, and was satisfied with the quality of services and attitude. The client also underwent a series of consultations with a psychologist regarding work with her psycho-emotional state, where she received friendly support and motivation to take care of her own health in order to give birth to a healthy child.