Registration is open! Webinar series on countering violence against women

The prevalence of violence against women and girls is similar to a pandemic, on par with HIV and COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women experiences intimate partner violence. On November 25, the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the International Campaign “16 Days of Action Against Violence” begins and will last until December 10 – Human Rights Day.

As part of the campaign, REAct is organizing a series of webinars to support, protect and prevent violence against women and girls, especially from vulnerable groups. Stories of brave women who have found the strength to defend their rights and resist violence will also be published daily. Let their stories inspire women from Eastern Europe and Central Asia not to offend anyone.

TRANSLATION: The webinar will be translated into English, Russian, Albanian, Bosnian, Georgian, Ukraininan.

CERTIFICATES: Participants and participants who attend all three webinars and pass the test at the end will receive electronic certificates.

Webinar №1 December 05, 2022

What is violence and how does it differ from conflict? Why does violence occur in relationships and how does it become routine? What happens in a relationship before he hits her for the first time? “Wheel of violence”: why do women often return to the abuser? “Retrieved Helplessness Syndrome”: why is a woman afraid to defend herself? Can an abuser stop?

Webinar №2 December 07, 2022

We will consider the psychological portrait of the offender – how to recognize the rapist? Based on a study in a Canadian prison, why do obedient boys grow up to kill women? How do beliefs and stereotypes fuel domestic violence? Warning signals: how to understand that he will soon hit her (Study “Murder Graph”). Mechanisms for the prevention of violence in society.

Webinar №3 December 09, 2022

We will look at how to properly help the victim and what (not-) should be done during a conversation with the victim. “My police protect me”: how to properly interact with law enforcement agencies in cases of violence and why “Can you make peace?” does not work. And also, let’s dwell on secondary trauma: why she is forced to talk again and again about the violence she experienced during the investigation and trial.


Marta Chumalo is a Ukrainian gender expert, feminist, co-founder of the Women’s Perspectives Center, human rights activist, and psychologist with experience in helping victims of gender-based violence. For more than 25 years she has been working on gender equality and women’s rights in Ukraine and beyond.

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