Response stories

Refusal to provide employment due to LGBT symbols

Yuriy is a young man who has just graduated from a vocational school and entered the labor market to build a career in his specialty. Having registered at the employment center, he began to monitor the list of suitable jobs. After some time, the guy found something that fully met his request and took a referral to this job from a career counselor.

However, when he turned to the employer, during the first interview he encountered homophobic remarks in his direction. The manager of the department, who conducted an interview with the boy, noticed the LGBT symbol on Yuri’s backpack, and after greeting him immediately asked the boy: “Listen, I see such interesting symbols on your clothes, tell me about their meaning!”. The guy answered. Next, there was a question about Yuriy’s orientation. He answered the truth because the manager insisted and pressured him. This answer was followed by the phrase: “Oh, we didn’t have enough fags at the mine.” In the future, the conversation did not go well, the manager continued to indulge in stigmatizing statements towards Yuri and asked incorrect questions like “Who is who?”.

The result of the interview was Yuri’s complete disappointment from visiting the company and from hidden threats regarding the boy’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

Yuriy was forced to resign from his position, as was stated in the referral. Since this was already the second refusal on the part of Yuriy, he was removed from the register at the employment center.

Desperate, he turned to REActor for legal help and a referral to a friendly psychologist. The reactor provided initial legal advice regarding the actions of the career counselor of the employment center, and helped to contact a friendly psychologist. The REActor also made a joint visit with Yuriy to the deputy head of the enterprise, where the interview took place. During the conversation, it was discovered that this specialist did not know about the results of the first interview and the discriminatory actions of his subordinate. He, seeing the boy’s initiative, invited him to another interview with him, which Yuriy successfully passed. The company was interested in specialists of the profile Yuriy had. In addition, the boy had the status of an IDP, so the company was interested in his employment since it would receive certain compensation from the state.

Currently, Yuriy has the job of his dreams and, if necessary, continues to receive help from the REAct project.